About Me

I’m a voice actor and writer in Cleveland, Ohio—where the skies are partly cloudy, but the folks are mostly kind.

My voice can be heard internationally in audiobooks, films, and commercials, and my writing credits include an award-winning, Off-Off-Broadway one-act dramedy, plus an Amazon best-selling vocabulary edu-tainment series.

Spring à la Cleveland

Spring à la Cleveland




I started out in musical theater, and later trained as a classical singer: I have a B.A. in music/voice (summa cum laude with both honors and research distinction) from The Ohio State University.

Jazz hands aside, I’m a sensible girl, so I also completed a B.S. in psychology (same honors as above) and a minor in statistics at OSU. This led to a brief stint as as a research psychologist: I earned my master's degree in social psychology from UC Santa Barbara, while receiving honors from the National Science Foundation, and teaching psychology, research methods, statistics, and writing to university students.


“I hate statistics, but Amanda made it ok.”

—Student Review, Introduction to Statistics


Acting & Improv


After my grad school detour, I joyfully returned to the performing arts.


My theatre and film credits include a touring musical theater production of Pinocchio, a cyberpunk serialized feature film called Swerve (starring Miami Vice's John Diehl and The Mindy Project's Beth Grant), and an award-winning short rom com titled Love Fool, which won the 10-10-10 competition at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. 

Also, I was a proud member of Awesome Town, an improv comedy troupe led by Emmy-winning writer Bill Steinkellner.

“Babe. I got you, Babe.” Circle Bar B Dinner Theatre

“Babe. I got you, Babe.”
Circle Bar B Dinner Theatre


And then I discovered . . .



Now I'm a full-time voice artist producing broadcast-quality audio from my all-digital studio. 

No matter where you’re located, you can direct our recording session remotely by phone, Skype, or Source-Connect.

Or, I can handle the session for you, and quickly send the audio in your preferred format.

My typical turnaround time for short projects is 1 day (and I can usually accommodate same-day turnaround, too).

Recording a radio play at the WJCU station.

Recording a radio play at the WJCU station.


To receive a free quote and custom audition for your project, please contact me HERE!