Commercial Reel

My new 2019 commercial reel:


Original Content

Here’s a pitch for my future celebrity fragrance, OManda:

Think Midwestern life is dull? Nope. Last Halloween, my studio was haunted . . . and there was a whole lotta drama in the booth:

Outside the booth, I’m known as the official BAE (Best Aunt Ever) of The Great Lakes region:

A quick vocabulary lesson from my Amazon best-selling edu-tainment series:


Narration & E-Learning

Before I became a full-time voice actor, I was a nationally recognized scholar teaching university classes. Some folks might compare my classroom to a pretty decent party. Or, as one of my UCSB students actually wrote on his end-of-the-semester evaluation: “I hate [this subject], but Amanda made it ok.” Read more about my academic credentials HERE.


Singing, etc.

To sing is to live! I have a B.A. in Music (Voice), plus two decades of performing experience. These days, I love applying my vocal skillllllz behind the mic to any genre of sung or spoken word.



Usually I’m behind the mic nowadays, but occasionally I chill in front of the camera, too.



This baby is ALMOST as cute as my niece:

Sorry, no cute babies here:

And some final words of wisdom from your cool Aunt Amanda: Ladies, don’t drink and boink . . .


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